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Corona Quit India

first_imgIn our freedom fighting movement, there was last and final battle to get freedom i.e. Quit India. This movement was run by each individual as he want, without any guidance of leaders ( as almost all leaders was under arrest). This movement resulted in to final movement to get freedom. Now days few peoples having this experience are available on finger tip to share their experiences. But now we have a chance to fight against corona with similar way. That time our freedom fighters had to dedicate their life for freedom, but now we have save our life to get success over corona.Considering we are republic country, if our citizen is safe nation is safe. In republic we have choice to live with any religion, any thought and any stile. Now we are directly connect with nation without any bridge of religion, thought and stile. So we have to kept us safe and keep nation safe.Whatever religion we have, think about only nation as if nation is safe, religion will safe and then we will safe and if nation is not safe there will be no meaning for our religion and us. So there is only do for nation will keep safe us by co-operating the execution of lock down.Some peoples are going to purchase vegetables at cheap rate and becoming part of large gathering without keeping social distance. It should be understand whatever rates of vegetables, its not cheaper than our life. We definitely get financial impact but if our life is safe we can sustain this impact.The corona will definitely go back but it should go with less impact and less life. If lion is come in our colony we lock self in our houses, to go outside is not wise act, after lion will go back forest we are free. Similarly till corona is in India to kept self in lock down is a only wise act.One request to media for not sharing visuals in which religion of peoples can identified. As we are hiding identity of corona patients we have to also hide their religious identity. As corona is not attacking by seeing persons religion, cast, gender, color and financial status etc.Now also we have a chance to came out of crisis so only we have to become wise.CORONA QUITS INDIAlast_img read more