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This is NOT a Covid-19 post

first_imgSo much doom and gloom, suffering, and sorrow have surrounded us this year.However, the world kept turning and major positive & beautiful cosmic events happening all around us.Here it goes – 5 wondrous cosmic events to make your day a little heavenly and bring a little bit of wonder and distraction in your day:#1 What were you doing on July 28? Worrying? Consider this – on that day, a massive car-sized asteroid whooshed just miles past the Earth. And you didn’t feel a thing. Here we are, safe and sound. Worry less, I guess many things go well without worrying!#2 A new solar system just came into view, similar to Earth. And it was photographed as well for the first time, using the Very Large Telescope. No, that is not just a large telescope, it is actually a telescope in Chile called a Very Large Telescope. (As you may have noted, scientists lack imagination).Coming back to the point a new solar system has opened up in case we get tired of ours. As Aladdin & Jasmine sang – A Whole New World for Us! (Literally!)#3 The comet Neowise entered the Earth’s atmosphere and gave the world stunning visuals throughout July. A pandemic comes once-in-a-lifetime, you say? Neowise comes once in 6,800 years – and 2020 was the year it entered our skies – maybe just to brighten our gloomy atmosphere?P.S. Nicotera and Erica, a couple living in New York made the best of it by proposing against the backdrop of the comet! They made the best of 2020, and so can we!#4 While the dreaded board examination results were generating terror, two young students, Vaidehi and Radhika, of Gujarat were quite busy as well. The duo discovered another asteroid due to whiz past Earth and NASA has confirmed it. So looking up instead of down into the books may be a good thing after all.#5 You’ve heard of stardust, magic dust, fairy dust – things of imagination? NASA says that interstellar winds and asteroids have pushed tons of stardust onto the Earth and some of that dust may actually be in our bodies – imagine that!#6 Yes, I said 5 things – but I couldn’t resist adding a sixth one. ‘Where no man has gone before’ was the Star Trek’s eternal quest. The Voyager 2 spacecraft which launched when many of us parents were newborns or getting born or toddling around (on August 20, 1977) has now reached interstellar space – that’s a place no entity has ever gone before!Beyond the solar system, beyond everything and yet Voyager 2 sends back images. Our phone connections don’t work that well! It’s on a lonely journey but doesn’t give up!I hope the year ends well, even if it didn’t start that well. The universe says it will and continues to reveal wonders, so let’s just focus on that for a while. (PS – It is a message of cosmic hope)last_img read more